Storage & Handling Solutions for Lifting and Rigging Equipment

chain sling storage bin
chain sling storage caddy

How are you currently lifting and moving your heavy chain slings?

SlingRakz provides storage and handling solutions for lifting and rigging products to a number of industries. Our range of professionally designed racking, storage and safe handling products and solutions, such as rigging racks and chain sling storage bins/caddies, that:

Minimise manual handling & physical lifting

Allow for easier, more orderly storage

Reduce manpower requirements

At SlingRakz we also offer custom built solutions. If you provide us with a rigging equipment register/ list, as well as an idea of what wall and floor space you have to work with, we can offer you a custom designed and built racking, storage and handling solution for your business

SR1T Single Sided Mobile Rak – medium to heavy weight chain slings and rigging equipment
SR 20 ChainBuddy XL – for 20mm 1-2 leg – 32mm 1-2 leg chain sling assemblies
The SR32 Shackle & Loose Rigging Gear Mobile Rak – for shackles and all variety of loose rigging gear
SR11 Chain Sling Rak – double-sided floor rack for storing medium to heavy weight chain slings and rigging equipment

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