ChainBuddy Dual (SR7a)

The ChainBuddy Dual SR7a has a divider to allow for the storage of two chain slings, whilst keeping them separate. Additionally, each half has a high panel side which supports an Oblong Link Holder.

The SR7a comes as a stand-alone storage box. The dolly can be purchased separately.

  • Can be moved to location with the use of a sack trolley.
  • Comes standard with Oblong Link Holders to allow for the crane hook to attach to the oblong link without the need for manual handling.
  • Meets relevant Australian Standards – supplied with Certificate of Conformity.
  • Comes standard in kit form and is easily assembled.

DIMENSIONS:400mm x 370mm x 625mm
MATERIAL:Powder-coated steel
Part No:SR7a

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