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FloorRak 22

The FloorRak 22 is a freestanding, single-sided rack for storing medium to heavy weight rigging equipment. It is suitable for small to large workshops where it can be placed neatly against a wall, taking up minimal floor space.

  • Comes in 3 standard models – 15 pin , 22 pin & 32 pin
  • Supplied with bottom tray for keeping hand chains and low chains off the ground.
  • Has 4 adjustable levelling feet.
  • There is room for up to 3 ChainBuddies at its base.
  • Meets relevant Australian Standards – supplied with Certificate of Conformity.
  • Comes standard in kit form and is easily assembled.

DIMENSIONS:SR 3: 1608mm x 995mm x 1734mm (excludes pins)
PINS: 16mm diameter, 170mm long
80kg with bottom tray
CAPACITY:300kg (maximum capacity per pin – 25kg)
MATERIAL:Powder-coated steel, mild steel (pins), rubber (feet)
Part No:SR3

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